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Broders Annex is an ideal neighborhood that is situated in between two of Regina’s most popular neighborhoods, Arnhem Place and General Hospital. It’s an exceptional area for anyone that is searching for an inviting, vibrant, and friendly community atmosphere. Broders Annex boasts of mature trees lining the streets, adding a touch of charm and beauty to the area. 

The neighborhood is also surrounded by fantastic shopping districts, featuring all sorts of options and amenities for residents to enjoy. Whether it’s luxury boutiques, specialty shops, or large retail centers, the proximity to these shopping areas makes it convenient for residents to access whatever they need. Broders Annex is indeed a central hub in the city of Regina, providing a picturesque setting and lively living experience for anyone who calls this neighborhood home.

As you stroll through Broders Annex, the tall, majestic trees create a canopy above the streets, casting dappled shadows on inviting sidewalks that lead you seamlessly to your front door. The back alleys, reminiscent of the inspiration for Wilf Perreault’s renowned paintings showcasing urban back lanes, add an artistic touch to the neighborhood.

The heart of Broders Annex lies in its residential charm. The neighborhood’s aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the thoughtful urban planning that incorporates green spaces, creating an environment where residents can take leisurely walks and enjoy the outdoors. The blend of nature and urban living gives Broders Annex a unique character that appeals to those seeking a sense of community within the city.

Broders Annex is home to two elementary schools, providing educational opportunities for families. Arcola Community School, situated at 2315 Abbott Road, is part of Regina Public Schools, offering classes from pre-kindergarten to grade 8. St. Augustine Community School, located at 2343 Edgar Street, is a Catholic school providing education from pre-kindergarten to grade 8. Additionally, St. Maria Faustina School serves as an alternative Catholic school catering to students with profound disabilities, showcasing the neighborhood’s commitment to inclusive education.

One of the standout features of Broders Annex is the Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre, named after Alvin Ritchie. This community hub is a focal point for residents, providing access to wellness facilities, including the Al Ritchie Wellness Centre, tennis courts, an outdoor rink, and an accessible playground and spray park for families to enjoy. Al Ritchie, a booster of amateur sports in the city, is commemorated through these facilities and holds a place of honor in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame, CFL Hall of Fame, and the Saskatchewan Roughrider Plaza of Honour.

Broders Annex also hosts essential civic and cultural spaces, emphasizing its role as a dynamic community. The Al Ritchie Community Police Station ensures the safety and well-being of the neighborhood, fostering a sense of security among its residents.

In conclusion, Broders Annex is more than just a neighborhood; it’s a community where residents experience the perfect blend of residential charm, educational opportunities, recreational facilities, and essential civic services. The commitment to inclusivity, cultural enrichment, and the legacy of Alvin Ritchie make Broders Annex a sought-after destination for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling urban lifestyle in Regina.