Guide to Selling Your Home with a REALTOR®

Step 1 – Choosing the Right REALTOR®

Embark on your home-selling journey by interviewing and selecting the right REALTOR® for the job. Consider interviewing at least three agents to ensure you make an informed decision. Ask essential questions about their experience, track record, marketing strategies, and team. A reliable agent will gladly explain their approach while discussing your needs in selling your home. 

Step 2 – Setting the Right Price

Determine the accurate market value of your home by consulting with your REALTOR®. Avoid the common mistake of overpricing, as it can and will lead to prolonged marketing times or even prevent a sale. A proper valuation considers recent sales of similar homes, current competition, and various local market factors. 

Step 3 – Preparing Your Home for Sale

Get your home ready for the market by focusing on cleaning, decluttering, and enhancing curb appeal. Your REALTOR® may recommend experts such as stagers, movers, cleaners, painters, and contractors to assist in this phase. The effort you invest in preparing your home directly impacts the impression it makes on potential buyers.

Step 4 – Implementing the Right Marketing Plan

Effective exposure is key to selling real estate. Collaborate with your REALTOR® to develop a marketing plan that maximizes online visibility, considering that over 90% of home-buyers start their search on the internet. Ensure your listing is well-presented, easily found, and supported by engaging visuals and accurate data. A strategic online presence, including social media channels and interactive websites, is crucial for success. 

Step 5 – Being Ready for Showings

Once actively marketed, be prepared for showings. Accommodate potential buyers as much as possible, keeping the property accessible. Consider using a lockbox for ease of access. Presentation matters, so ensure your home is clean, well-lit, and inviting. Attend to details such as eliminating strong odors, securing pets during showings, and maintaining outdoor spaces. 

Step 6 – Offers, Negotiating and Securing a Deal

When offers come in, your REALTOR® will present and explain each one fully. You have the option to accept, reject, or counteroffer. Consider factors like price, deposit, terms, conditions, and inclusions. Negotiation advice from your agent will be valuable, but the final decision is yours. Be aware of common offer conditions, such as financing approval and home inspections. The negotiation process may involve estimates, repairs, or adjustments, so work closely with your REALTOR® to navigate it successfully.

Step 7 – From Firm Sale to Possession Day

Upon fulfilling any conditions, you have a firm sale. Cease marketing, start packing, and prepare for possession day. Possessions typically occur within 30 days, but the timeline can vary. Disconnect or transfer utilities through Express Address, and coordinate with other service providers. Attend to final land transfer documents with your lawyer, ensuring all disbursements are settled. Clean and empty the house for possession, following these possession day tips. Avoid leaving items behind without buyer consent, and address any repairs promptly.

By following these steps with Optimum Realty Regina, you ensure a seamless and successful home-selling experience.