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Hawkstone Homes for Sale

Located in the northern region of Regina, Hawkstone emerges as a premier addition to the city’s landscape, offering a vibrant and contemporary living experience. Situated to the east of Pasqua Street, just off Rochdale Boulevard and north of Argyle Park and east of Lakeridge, this community epitomizes the essence of modern living. As you step into the community, you’ll immediately sense a refreshing novelty that pervades the area.

Our condominiums exude a modern and welcoming ambiance, making them an appealing prospect for a diverse range of homebuyers, including new homeowners, retirees, empty nesters, and young professionals. If you’re seeking a carefree lifestyle, explore our array of townhouses, which are sure to capture your attention.

 Additionally, for those envisioning their first home or a new family residence, our charming craftsman-style homes extend a warm and inviting embrace. These homes are thoughtfully designed with an emphasis on open-concept living and functional, family-friendly floor plans, making the area’s homes for sale highly coveted.

At the heart of this vibrant community lies Hopkins Park, a verdant oasis for families to savor. Meandering paved pathways, inviting benches, and a well-appointed playground area await your leisurely enjoyment.

Adding a distinctive touch, the community’s streets bear the names of some of the Saskatchewan Roughriders‘ legendary CFL football players. Picture yourself residing on Elgaard Drive, Ridgway Avenue, Suitor Crescent, or Narcisse Drive, among others.

Ultimately, the master plan, revolves around sustainability and efficiency, positioning it as a savvy choice for your housing needs. As this development continues to evolve, approximately 535 single-family homes and 1,350 multi-family units, along with a thriving commercial sector, have taken root in the area. This promises a thriving and dynamic community that invites you to make it your home sweet home. Experience the allure of Hawkstone today!