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Parliament Place Homes for Sale

Welcome to Parliament Place, an energetic and thriving neighborhood strategically situated between the well-established Lakeview and Albert Park communities. Nestled within the confines of Lewvan Drive to the west and 29th Avenue to the north, the neighbourhood has evolved into a sought-after residential enclave offering an appealing mix of housing options and community amenities.


One of the defining features of Parliament Place is its commitment to providing diverse housing options. The neighborhood prides itself on offering a range of residences, from apartments to single-family homes, accommodating the diverse preferences and needs of its residents. This commitment to variety has contributed to the area’s emergence as a dynamic and inclusive community.

Beyond its residential appeal, the area benefits from its proximity to a newer commercial area located just to the west and north. This strategic positioning ensures that residents enjoy convenient access to shopping centers and essential amenities, adding to the overall appeal of the neighborhood. The convenience of having commercial establishments nearby enhances the daily lives of Parliament Place residents, creating a well-rounded and self-sufficient community.

For those with professional aspirations or entrepreneurial ventures in mind, Parliament Place provides a gateway to exciting opportunities. A short journey across Lewvan Drive leads to the Harbour Landing Commercial Campus, a dynamic development by Dream. This commercial campus is a hub of economic activity,

offering flex spaces suitable for offices, retail establishments, and showroom industrial spaces. As the Harbour Landing Commercial Campus continues to thrive with activity and growth, Parliament Place serves as an ideal residential hub, providing seamless access to and from this bustling commercial center.

Exploring the area means delving into a world of opportunities and a vibrant community. Optimum Realty Regina is your trusted guide to navigate the real estate landscape in the area, helping you find the perfect home in this dynamic neighborhood where affordability seamlessly meets convenience. Whether you are drawn to the architectural charm, the diverse housing options, or the proximity to commercial amenities, Parliament Place welcomes you to discover the unique lifestyle it offers to residents.

In conclusion, Parliament Place stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of residential comfort and commercial convenience. It is a neighborhood that has not only embraced its architectural evolution but also fostered a sense of community where residents can truly live, work, and thrive. With Optimum Realty Regina as your partner, embark on a journey to uncover the myriad opportunities that Parliament Place has to offer, and find your ideal home in this flourishing South Regina enclave.