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Spruce Meadows Homes for Sale

Situated conveniently in the vibrant east end of Regina, just south of Victoria Avenue and bisected by Prince of Wales Drive, Spruce Meadows stands as a sought-after residential haven. Its inception on the west side of Prince of Wales Drive marked the beginning of a thriving community. Spruce Meadows real estate predominantly comprises homes constructed in the 1990s, offering a delightful blend of housing options, including bungalow-style residences, two-story homes, and two-story splits, alongside charming bi-level homes. Here, double-car garages are the standard, and lushly landscaped front and backyards adorned with beautifully matured overhanging boughs create a welcoming atmosphere.

Adapting to Regina’s growing population, the community has expanded its borders to the east side of Prince of Wales Drive, introducing new low-rise condominiums. These four-story condominiums boast ground floor or underground parking for your convenience, along with elevators and a close-knit community atmosphere among its residents.

For nature enthusiasts and families, Spruce Meadows Park and Parkland Park provide verdant sanctuaries ideal for family picnics, leisurely evening strolls, and children’s playtime on well-maintained structures. These parks seamlessly connect with Ready Park and the Pilot Butte Pathway, leading you all the way to the scenic McKell Wascana Conservation Park. Furthermore, the strategic location of these condos grants easy access to Victoria Avenue and Highway #1.

Explore the area and find your perfect home in this east end oasis. Discover the comfort and convenience of living in Spruce Meadows, Regina’s hidden gem.